Sunday, 9 December 2012

How to Play

You will need:
  1. game sheet (print this)
  2. a pencil
  3. an eraser
  4. 3 six-sided dice
  5. a spirit of good-sportsmanship

Before you start:
  1. You must calculate your initial strength. Roll 2 dice and add the two scores and keep this number in your head. Now roll the third die. Times the first number by the second. This is your initial strength. Write it in the initial strength box on the game sheet. You will lose strength as you go but it may be restored to its initial value.

  2. You must calculate your initial luck. Roll 2 dice and add the numbers. That is your initial luck. Write it in the initial luck box on the game sheet.

  3. You must choose a potion. Choose one from the table below and write it in the potions box on your game sheet. You may find extra potions along the way.
    strengthrestores you to your initial strength
    levitationlifts you 3 metres above the ground for 10minutes. You can descend a cliff or go over something.
    liferestores 50 strength points
    protectioncasts a force field around you so that enemies cannot harm you, but beware, if the enemy is too close, it will be inside it
    harminflict a stronger injury on your enemey
    invisibilitymakes you invisible for 20 minutes

  4. You must choose a weapon. Chose one from the table below and write it in the weapons box on your games sheet. You may find extra weapons along the way.
    battle axestrong injury, although hard to carry
    swordlight and easy to carry, not as much injury
    bow and arrowscause light injury, very easy to carry, distance, fast firing rate

  5. You must calculate your supplies and provisions. Roll one dice. That is how many meals you have. Roll it again. That is how many drinks you have. Roll all three. that is how many gold coins you have. Write all this in the supplies and provisions box on your game sheet.

When you fight:

As you go on your adventure, there will be times when you must fight for your life. The page will look like this:

[image to come]

This tells you what the enemy is and what it's strength is. It also tells you how the fight will work. On this occasion, you roll one die. If you roll a 1-3, you will lose 2 strength. If you roll 4-6, the enemy loses 2 strength. In all fights, you keep rolling until you or your enemy reaches 0. Then the one that reaches 0 dies. If you defeat your enemy, keep reading. If it defeats you, then the game is over. You may use potions at any time during a fight.

Now that you have done all that, you're ready to go!

Start here.

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  1. Does the weapon you use affect the strength points lost during a battle? Descriptions of the weapons suggest that should be the case.